Defining Your Look: Before you Start

First Impressions are Temporary

Lets face it; clothes, haircut, cologne, all this stuff that you are putting effort in to is really about making the first impressions. But at the end of the day, all those introductions, first dates, and superficial conversations that you strive to get just  with what you wear is temporary. What makes a longer, more lasting impression is your character. When someone wants to REALLY know you, then they are going to have to know you for more then just how you dress. Which leads me to my next point…

I like actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt not only for his fashion sense but bc he seems like he is himself


The Best Fashion Item That You Wear Is Your Heart

I think we can all agree that the most attractive element about someone is not necessarily about what they wear or what they have. its really about that person’s heart; who they are, what they stand for, and what they care about. So if thats the core, then as individuals who like fashion or want to get into it, that should be our core foundation as well. Don’t try and wear clothes or change your look because you want to become like someone. Wear clothes that expresses who you are and most importantly work on who you need to become. I’ve struggled a lot in the past trying to wear clothes to impress people (girls) and it never turns out good. It was only until I started focusing more time on my character to become a better person rather than spending time thinking of what to wear, did I start getting more attention and some recognition for my fashion sense.

Smile and be yourself (picture from
Smile and be yourself (picture from

Its An Artform

Clothes and fashion for me is ultimately not always about the recognition or status, I see it more as a cool artform. Just a a way to express myself for who I already am and how I’ve been made to be. With that I’ve come to known the FREEDOM of getting into fashion and its endless possibilities.

So before you start getting into making yourself look better, take a step back and ask Who am I? and What am I doing this for?


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