Mr. Brown

Winter’s ends is upon us…

And that means only a few more months till we have to put our lovely fall/winter clothes into hibernation 😦

So taking full advantage of this limited window, I wanted to wear something with one of my favorite jackets that I bought from Zara and wear something that looked positive, bright, but still giving off that melancholy mood of fall/winter. With that, I went with a nice color brown as a theme for this outfit.

Jacket & Shoes: Zara, Sweater &Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Uniqlo




I got these shoes from Zara. They are the most COMFORTABLE shoes I’ve ever worn. I’ve never worn moccasins but I imagine they feel like this. And I love this brown color!
Small Detail Highlight: I love that my jean’s threads matches my shoe color. I love small details like this that puts balance to your style

Observations & Thoughts On This Outfit:

#1 Using your contrast colors to better highlight your main color:


In my last outfit post I talked about choosing one color that sticks out. In that outfit my cardigan was the focal point of my outfit (focal point meaning it was probably the first thing that catches people’s attention). In this outfit however, its clear that Brown is my main color. But what makes the brown colors really stand out is my dark blue color from my Uniqlo jeans. All this to say, your one contrast color doesn’t have to be the spot light of your outfit. You can choose a main color (like brown) and then think of a contrasting color (meaning if your main color is light then something dark and vice versa) so that the main color stands out more.


#2 Horizontal vs. Vertical  Color Positioning:


In my last outfit the positioning of my colors was vertical from left to right (dark blue on my outer body and light colors inside). For this one my color positioning is more horizontal (Top Brown, Middle Dark Blue, and Bottom Brown). So if it helps, when you are thinking of your outfit think how you want your colors to be placed either vertically or horizontally. The more “balanced” your colors are placed, the more I feel people will notice your style.

#3 Small Details Strikes Again!

Shoes Details

As I said before, one way I’ve found in upping your style is really getting into small details of your clothes. For this outfit I love that the threads on my jeans matches the brown color of my other clothes! It is a small detail but I think it puts that extra push to balance out my outfit.

#4 The Reason You Roll Up Your Jeans:

I used to not know why people would roll up their jeans, but I’ve come to learn why. The reason I rolled up the bottom legs of my jeans is because it adds more color to my outfit. For this outfit, notice how my rolled up jean color sort of matches with the grey part of my jacket. Again its all about balancing similar colors across your body. I have something grey up top and I want to match it with something from the bottom half of my body. So if you are wearing your outfit see if rolling it up adds any details or balances out your colors in your outfit.

#5 Sweater:

Looking back I still wonder if I should have worn the sweater that I have on over the brown shirt. I feel like there might be too much going on on the tope part. But I wore it thinking of situations when I would have to take my jacket off. What do you guys think?

Shopping Information:


Most of the clothes I have on here is from Zara (Jacket and Shoes). If you’ve never been to Zara it might seem a little intimidating since it kind of gives off this “upper class” vibe, but they’ve got good stuff there. I feel like Zara has less options than H&M but I like more things from Zara then H&M. I’ve bought 2 shoes from Zara and I really love them. This one particularly is one of my favorite. I love the jacket as well, however I’ve noticed sadly that the quality of the jacket is a little low. There’s some color fading already on my jacket even though I’ve only had it for a couple of months. Either way if you want some stuff relatively affordable Zara might be a good place

Uniqlo Jeans:

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to go to any place exotic to get nice pair of jeans. But I happened to be in Japan and bought these jeans. I really like these Uniqlo jeans though. Its a little baggy then I’d normally get but the dark colors make it not seem that way. Also its stretchy and comfortable. Uniqlo if you’ve never been is a great place to get basic clothes for your wardrobe. And the price is not that bad too. They just recently opened up online in the US (yaay!)

Final Thoughts:

Gotta love the Brown and Blue color scheme though! One of my favorite color combinations! Great way to enjoy winter until spring comes along.

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