Just a Tie

I love ties.

Recently I’ve been wearing some Knit Ties which for me give off this casual yet classy look. I got this one while on my travels to Japan.


I also tried on this look without the tie and as you can see things look a little more casual here. This is actually a dress shirt but since the shirt itself is a little short I can wear it untucked. I like how the buttons complement the overall blue color scheme.


Which ever look you prefer, for me ties can really make a difference in how you want to present yourself. I especially like knit ties because they don’t look too formal  but  can still give you a classy look. For ties, I try to get ties that are skinnier. The fat ties never really worked for me.

I got these pants from Zara and love them. As soon as I put my leg in the pants I knew I was going to buy it. It fits great and it is really comfortable. You can check them out here

Also I love this watch that I am wearing. It’s blue frame and perfectly compliments all the blue in my outfit. It’s even more meaningful to me because its my grandfather’s. I heard he was a pretty hip guy back in the day so I hope I am making you proud JiJi! (slang for grandpa in Japanese)


Overall I feel this look allowed me to express “coolness”. Not in the “hey! look at me! I’m cool” but “man, I wish this hot weather could be a little cool right now”. San Diego was a hot 85 degrees today!

The Look:

Shirt: Yezac

Watch: Universal (was my grandfather’s that my dad gave me a couple of years ago. its a wind up watch and I love it)

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Paul Chardo ( I got these shoes for $10 at a thrift shop!)

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