Baggy Shirts

IMG_5001I went into my closet the other day and pulled out a blue and white plaid shirt I got from H&M. Its one of those impulse buys, where I just looked at the color, knew I liked it, and went ahead and bought it without trying it on.

Well, the shirt ended up being a little too baggy. Especially the area around my stomach and arms. Just to show you what I’m talking about here is a side by side comparison of a shirt that fits perfectly and this slightly baggy shirt.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.01.06 PM

Two areas that I didn’t like was the stomach area and the sleeves. On the left my stomach area is flat while the shirt on the right is a bit baggy. The sleeves as you can tell fits a lot tighter on the left while on the right its a little loose. For someone like me with a small frame, having slightly baggy shirts like this makes me look “small” in my opinion. Like a kid trying on dad’s clothes. So from what I’ve learned I always try and see the fit on my stomach, chest, and sleeves. If these areas feel snugged I feel more comfortable.

Now thats what I USUALLY would do haha. But sometimes impulse gets the best of me.

I was conflicted by this shirt because even though it was slightly baggy, I really liked the pattern on it. Its simple, breezy, and just a good color to have during summer.

I stood there in front of my mirror wondering whether to place it back into my closet and avoid thinking of what to do with it. Thats when I got an simple idea. Why not wear a tight sweatshirt over it?


It was perfect. The sweater did the job of flattening the baggy parts of my shirt and now I can still enjoy wearing this shirt without being bothered by how it fits. Thats what I love about fashion. You can mix and match and pair different things and you can get creative with using what you got.


This method probably doesn’t work all the time particularly if you got a really baggy shirt thats really long. But it might be something you can try out if you have those shirts that are just a little too baggy.

The Look:

Shirt: H&M (medium)

Slim Sweater: H&M (Medium)

Pants: F.U.S.A.I 32X30 (I got these at for about $30 and I love them. They are stretchy so its super comfortable even though its skinny. The color is great for pairing it with summer clothes)

Shoes: Zara size 8.5

2 thoughts on “Baggy Shirts

  1. I really like your blog! It inspires me to work on myself more and find out who I am and what my character is. It’s time to be happier!

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