Shopping Review: JackThreads

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A Personal & candid review of shopping at

Practical Breakdown

  • Jackthreads is a great place to start online shopping if you are looking to spend a $20 – $100 price range 
  • Style of clothes they offer in my opinion range from simple/boring to bold,unique/crazy, “a little too out there”
  • Great website interface that features searching by size, clothing category, and a great iphone app and email service
  • Overall recommend it if you like searching regularly for some good shirts, pants, and shoes treasures that won’t break your wallet and be used for your practical fashion needs

I’m a touch and feel kind of guy when it comes to clothes. I need to wear the clothes, feel the fabric, and really see how it looks ON me.

But in this day and age, internet shopping is something thats hard to avoid mainly because you can save time and save money. I’ve had to come to this realization and so for the last year or so I took a leap of faith into the world of online clothes shopping. I ended up finding Jackthreads as my first place to try things out.

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JackThreads mainly intrigued me because my friends have told me you can get some name brands that are discounted off from their original sales price. From the looks of it, it looks like they carry either non-major indie brands or old styles or inventory from name brands. The prices are discounted but I wouldn’t say it is a bargain. I find that actually a good thing as good items need to have somewhat good prices to justify their quality.

I’ve shopped at Jackthreads for about a year and have bought roughly 10 items from the store. To better summarize my overall experience here are my thoughts based on what I find to be the most important things I look for when shopping online.

How Do the Clothes Fit?

This goes with my idea of practical fashion in general but even if a store has great looking clothes if it doesn’t fit then its a no go (J Crew I WISH you had more sizes for skinny asian men like me!). I’m 5 ft 9, 140 pounds, and skinny frame (if you haven’t noticed). My first main concern was whether the sizes at JackThreads would be too big but I’ve found that for me a medium fits me well.

I’ve gotten 3 shirts and 3 tank tops and they fit great on me except maybe one (which I later repurposed on this post). I’ve only gotten one pair of pants and the 32 x 30 pants I got were really comfortable and nice. Because JackThreads has a lot of different kinds of brands I had to be careful about whether a medium was really a medium overall. But as I’ve tried on several items there I’ve been fortunate enough to not have returned anything.

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The Overall InterfaceGreat Filters To Search Based On Your Size

I think another point I look at when shopping at an online store is “how easy is it to browse through and look at clothes?” Have you been to a website where you feel like you are looking through millions of tiny pictures and you feel you feel like your eyes are gonna explode? Yea I don’t like that. I was impressed by JackThreads interface because it makes it really easy to filter based on what you want to buy and what size you are. If you go to shoes for example and just click on your size it’ll only bring up your shoe size. But maybe more then that I really like the style of how their website is done. Pictures are big, bold, and easy to look at. 

I also really like the emails and iPhone app that they have. The emails really get you up to speed on some deals and new items and the iPhone app really makes it easy to buy clothes if you are bored and on your phone (Guilty of buying some clothes while at church… sorry Jesus -____- )

The Style: Urban and Surf like

JackThreads style of clothing is definitely young street urban/surf side. You’ll get some interesting looking hip-hop style hats and graphic tees but also get some bright colored tank tops and shorts. But when I look through the site most of the clothes look a little cheap in terms of design. But thats not to say they don’t have some quality stuff. They have shoes from Creative Recreation which is a great quality shoe brand so if you really look around you can find some great brands at little lower price then usual.

I would acquate JackThreads to something like Urban Outfitters in my opinion. When you go to UO you see a lot of colors and styles all exploding everywhere but  I’ll only find a couple of things that I sort of like. Also some of their stuff feels a little cheaply made. They do have some formal wear stuff but in my opinion they don’t impress me too much. But for casual wear you can’t beat the price and I’ve found some good clothing items on and off again on the site.


Shirts: approx. $18 – $50 

Pants: approx. $25 – $100

Shoes: approx $50 – $200

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Customer Service:

JackThreads does require a return fee ($5.95) if you don’t like what you want and thats the gamble and frustration for me of online shopping I’m trying to get used to.

Overall I like JackThreads style enough to keep looking at their website. Their biggest strength is user interface for sure as they keep you engaged and looking at their style. Some of the designs and clothes in my opinion look a little cheap to me but I’ve found some great gems in JackThreads that I know I’ll be wearing for a while. Overall its a great site if you want to start looking into online clothes shopping without having to break your bank.

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