Casual to Formal Step 2: Adding a Tie

In my last post I talked about the importance of picking your casual clothes so that they can be made into semi-formal wear and then to formal wear. Here is the second part of this series about making your casual clothes transition into more formal attire

So now that you got your casual wear all set up, next step is real easy… just step it up with a tie!


Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 7.04.58 PM


Quick Practical Tips on Picking a Tie:

1) Buy thin to be more trendy, buy wide ties for more formal:
I’m wearing one of my wider ties here but in general I really like thinner ties. In my opinion thin ties are more for casual occasions while wider ties should be worn more in business semi-casual settings. Having both doesn’t hurt

2) Solid Color Shirt = Patterned Tie, Patterned Colored Shirt = Solid Color Tie:
Opposites attract and for ties so pair them the opposite of what your shirt pattern is. Because pattern shirts standout you want to have solid patterned ties to complement them. I chose this tie because my shirt already has some patterns and…

3) Choose a Color Within Your Outfit:
How I chose this tie is I saw what colors I had in my shirt (light blue and purple) and chose a tie that happened to be close to the purple. You can actually do the opposite of this and have a tie color that isn’t part of your color palette of your clothes so it becomes a highlight color. Make sure though that the color obviously fits your other colors. This also validates the importance of choosing simple two tone colors for your casual shirt that you want to make formal. Makes it easier to pair things.



 And you’re done! Now this is something I can wear at semi-formal events like parties, maybe summer clubbing, or even on a nice spring/summer semi-formal date.

Last up is full on formal for Spring or Summer! Maybe something you’d might want to wear for a wedding. I’m going to add just one more item of clothing to make it so. I’ll be posting that soon.

All pictures were taken and edited by the beautiful Elisha Fong 🙂 Please check her out at

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