Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

When I went to Japan recently, Tokyo was HOT. Not only hot but was humid too. San Diego is also mildly hot.  There are obvious ways to keep cool physically during the summer (eating some shaved ice, going to a full blasted AC mall, diving into the beach, are my favorites) but I was thinking about what clothes and outfits could make me mentally FEEL cool while being a little stylish. I came up with this outfit.


The main thing I focused on was  wearing a color that communicates  breezy, light, and cool. The immediate color that came to mind was a sea green like color. I started there and found complimentary colors to match it.


This shirt is from Frank and Oak an online clothing store I’ve been trying out. So far this shirt has been the only thing I’ve liked. It’s a nice light shirt which makes it perfect for wearing it during a hot temperatures. It has some nice narrow stripes and the color is just so fun to wear!


I think what really grounds this outfit are my Creative Recreation shoes. The shoe type is called Lacva and it has this great light grey and light blue color outline. After buying this shoe I was afraid that the color was a little too “loud”, but I’ve been finding this shoe has been perfect with pairing it with other summer colors.

The combination of having this sea green shirt with this grey/bluish shoe gives a little pop to the outfit. I’m also positioning the outfit so I’ve got two bright colors on the top and bottom and in the middle I’ve got a darker color with my jeans. So when you look at the outfit as a whole you notice the light, dark, light, color structure which gives off that balanced feel. And you’ve got the green shirt and the grey shoes to give off that “harmonious” color combination.

What are some of your favorite summer colors to wear? I hope everyone is keeping cool during this summer season!

The Look:

Shirt: Frank and Oak (about $45)

Jeans: Volcom 2×4 (about $25)

Shoes: Creative Recreation Lacava (about $60)

One thought on “Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

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