Whats Up With Mustard?

Back when I was younger I don’t think I would have ever worn a color like mustard. It was a color that was too “out there”. But now I really like this classic vintage color.

When done right I think it gives off this mature, calm color. Yet it is bright-colored enough to give off some positivity. I’ve found that there is a huge difference between yellow and mustard. And for me yellow is definitely not a color I particularly like to wear.

So as I ventured and got a new mustard shirt I thought about what color patterns and particularly what bottoms could I wear that can complement this awesome color?


There’s actually a lot of colors I realized you can pair mustard with. I went here with a light brown and grey color scheme. The brown pants I got at Zara really give off this earthy feel and the grey shoes rounds it off to add that dark undertone.



When I finished my volunteer trip in Japan I got to go back to my favorite vintage clothing store in Harajuku Japan called “Hanjiro” and was delighted to find a mustard colored shirt. I love the little details of this shirt particularly the little colors that are on this shirt. It basically looks like lint but when you see how it is crafted, its all knitted in there.


To add another element to the outfit I got my grey vest in to match my grey shoes. I love it since the grey shirt really balances off the grey shoes that I have on.


Other color schemes that I’ve tried on that I think work with Mustard are:




I’m thinking of posting more outfits using this same mustard shirt on some later posts to illustrate this.

The Look:

Shirt: Hanjiro V-neck Shirt (Japan)

Vest: H&M

Shoes: Johnny Varvatos


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