How to Choose What to Wear & (What’s Up w/Mustard part 2)

Another Way To Wear Mustard/Yellow Color:

Last time I tried out wearing a mustard (or yellow) shirt. Here’s how to wear it as a cardigan.


I was fortunate to find some sky blue jeans to match the brightness of this mustard/yellow cardigan. Even though both of these colors are bright in tone, the “darker” sky blue really helps to bring the yellow/mustard cardigan to stand out.

The other thing I feel that makes this outfit well-balanced is the light grey shirt. I have two bright colors in this outfit and to contrast this, I have a light grey shirt. This helps to bring people’s eyes to focus on the two brightest colors in the outfit.



The color balance of the grey in contrast with the yellow and blue brings me to a concept that I’ve learned that might be a good tip for some of you wanting to know how to choose what to wear.

Tip: Choose Either a Bright, Dark, Bright color scheme OR Dark, Bright, Dark color scheme:

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.23.37 PM

If you compare my last outfit with this one they both use the mustard/yellow color. But notice that for the first outfit (one on the right) I have the mustard/yellow shirt in the “middle” and I have a dark grey vest and a darker brown. Hence the color scheme for this outfit would be:

TOP: Dark (Grey Vest)

MIDDLE: Bright (mustard/yellow Shirt)

BOTTOM: Dark (Brown pants)

This same concept is being used in this outfit but instead I have two bright colors and one dark color:

TOP: Bright (Mustard/Yellow Cardigan)

MIDDLE: Dark (Grey shirt)

BOTTOM: Bright (Sky Blue Jeans)

Some of you might argue that the grey shirt in this outfit is “lighter”, but I think you get the point I’m trying to describe. The idea here is  choose 2 matching colors tones and then one opposite color tone to make your outfit more balanced. That’s how I usually choose an outfit. Let’s say I want to wear a dark red shirt, I’ll usually think of what light color pants or light color outerwear I’d want to wear with it. Two same colors tones bring out that one color you got in contrast and let’s either the other 2 items out front or bring that one color in the spot light.

I use this concept in some other outfits like with a dark tie, light shirt, and dark pants (link) or in this other one where I have a darker red shirt with a light cardigan and light pants (link)

If you didn’t know this already I hope this concept can help in making decisions on what to wear. As an added bonus you can change-up the order of those two contrast colors if you like too!

The Look:


Shirt: Hanjiro Japan

Jeans: Hanjiro Japan

Shoes: John Varvatos

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