Positivity As A Negative

What’s your strength?

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Have you ever heard about Strength Finders test before? It’s this alternative to Myers Briggs Personality test where instead of telling you whether you are introverted or extroverted it tells you what your “strengths” are in hopes that you can better use them in whatever career or life path you have.

One of my strengths is Positivity

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I’ve been reflecting on this nature of positivity in my life recently. Although I’m generally positive, life is not so all the time. Friends have cancer, shootings happen, natural disaster comes, boredom can make you feel purposeless in life and insecurities can set in towards your job and in what you believe.

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As a “positive” person sometimes i tend to generalize all the negativity that’s happening around me by saying things like “whatever! Let’s just be positive!” or “I’m just going to forget it and focus on the good things”. But these days I’m seeing the challenge of staying positive in the midst of negatively rather than being positive to run away from the bad things of this life.

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I find I tend to run away to so many things. Instagram, Facebook, shopping, TV etc. But these are really fillers in life, that don’t have too much context in my life. If something is a strength then it should be put to use for something to change, to bless, and to react to something.

What does the content of this post have to do with this outfit? Absolutely nothing. Only maybe that I wore this when thinking about these things in my life.

The Look:

Cardigan: Unknown…. (got it from my parents who went to a fashion convention)

Shirt: Frank and Oak (frankandoak.com)

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Zara

2 thoughts on “Positivity As A Negative

  1. love the ending of this post! Deep post, keep it up. It’s hard for me to keep a positive attitude when there is so much suffering, death and sadness in this world. I say whatever view we have, it should be something that motivates us to do good, love others and share Jesus.

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