6 Steps On How To Pick A Matching Outfit:


 This is a super simple way to figure out how to build a matching outfit. There are so many ways to pair things together with so many colors. But in this post I wanted to just focus on the easiest way to make your clothes match, which is simply…

Using the colors that are on your shirt to make an outfit

It may not be anything exciting or get the style you might want but your clothes will definitely look balanced and put together.

DISCLAIMER: These steps are purely personal opinion and not meant as an absolute standard that I think people should use. It’s just what I learned.  Also this post assumes that the shirt you are wearing has MORE THAN ONE color on it. If you just have one color then following these steps might make you look a little too mono-color.  

Step 1: Choose A Shirt & See What Colors Are On It 


  • – Pick a Shirt
  • – See what colors are on it (for this outfit my colors are Navy Blue and White)
  • – When you look at the shirt is it generally light or dark tone? (in my case light)
  • – These will 2 things will help decide what to wear in the next step.

Step 2: Choose Pants That Has One Of The Same Colors As Your Shirt


  • – In this outfit I have a choice of wearing either Navy Blue or White pants. You can wear any similar color but try to make it the same as what’s on the shirt.
  • – If you can try wearing pants that has the opposite tone then the shirt. I chose these darker blue jeans because my shirt color is in general Light in tone. By having a darker tone jeans it brings out both the pants and the shirt.
  • – Think if you had a small black square. Would it stand out more in a white background or a black background? On a white background it’ll stand out more. Same concept here.

Step 3: Choose A Color From Your Shirt And Wear The Same Color Top:


  • – Same with the pants pick a top that’s relatively the same color (in this case blue) as your shirt.
  • – I chose this particular cardigan because it “sandwiches” the two dark tones (cardigan and pants) so that the lighter shirt will stand out in the middle.
  • – But this outfit could have easily worked with a lighter tone blue cardigan or sweater.

Step 4: Choose Either a Brown or Black Shoe

  • – Usually in any outfit if you chose a black or brown shoe, it’s going to work.
  • – You can certainly go for the same color shoe if you want to. For this outfit I thought I already had enough blue colors so I went with a different color that matches my outfit. (if you have trouble matching different colors search “color wheel” online)

Step 5: Choose an Outer-Wear That’s The Same Color As Your Shoes


  • – This way you got a balanced look where your top is matching with your shoes.
  • – This brown jacket was perfect for the look I wanted to go for. I had two brown colors (shoes and jacket) as the very top layer, then two darker blue colors (cardigan and jeans) and finally a lighter shirt color. Works as a basis for layering.

Bonus Step 6: Wear A Sock That Has A Different Color Than Your Outfit. 


  • – This is more of a personal fun thing I’ve done but I like wearing some different colored socks to totally throw off the balanced colors I have.
  • – To me it reflects my desire to be spontaneous and from a style point of view it works.

Now You Got An Outfit!

What are some things you do to try to match clothes?

Curious to know the heart behind this outfit? Check out “The Sweet Spot of Dance” 

All photos taken by my wonderful friend Daniel Hoffman!!

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