End of Winter, Peacoats

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring




This post comes a little late given that winter has pretty much ended here in San Diego. So before the weather gets any more warmer here are some last shots from my winter wear

Pea Coats Are Essential



When you think of winter I think of Pea Coats. perfect to keeping you warm and meant for a day you are spending the day outside (given the buttons).

The Pea Coat I got here is from Zara and its a very light Pea Coat. Most Pea Coats are usually heavier in material, but it works in the warm winter climate of San Diego.


Coloring and Style of Outfit



This outfit I chose to combine the classic brown and blue combination. The Pea Coat color is this nice deep navy blue and to contrast with that I decided to wear a sweater that I got from Frank and Oak and a brown shirt that I got from H&M. The blue squares in the brown shirt happen to match the Pea Coat color perfectly as well.





Get Shoes from Zara and Socks from H&M





If you are looking for a place to get some good shoes and socks I’ve been really liking the shoes that they sell at Zara. The style is very basic yet they add just a touch of style to make it stand out. Hipster socks are all the rage right now and you can find some really good cheap ones in 5 packs at H&M




Next Post, lets welcome in Spring Time!!!


All photos take by my friend Daniel Hoffman

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