Tokyo Tonteki: Slowly Marinated Pork Loin in Shibuya

Quick Points:

  1. Atmosphere: Half of the crowd were business men coming back from work to eat something, while the other half were locals who were here to have some dinner
  2. Juicy Pork Loin with Amazing Sauce: Pork comes on a hot plate with a bunch of lettuce, a healthy portion of rice, and some interesting pork based miso soup.

Relocating here in Tokyo, I realized one of the first sure signs of whether you are a local or not is how efficiently or inefficiently you enter the train ticket station. Here in Tokyo you either have the option of having a rail charged card called SUICA or you get a regular ticket. Regardless you have to pass it through a ticket machine in order to get into the platform of the Train. With Tokyo and the millions of people who live here if you end up holding the line or make a mistake you get an immediate death wish. The gate immediately shuts you from going forward, a polite yet passively annoying “bing” rings, and then immediately you feel the glare of hundred or so locals on your back with a passive aggressive feel of “hurrrrryyy the freeaaaakkkk uppppp”. No one says anything, they just stare at you T____T

To avoid such disaster I decided to go to Shibuya to buy a iPhone Wallet case so that I can swiftly enter and exit the train station. Shibuya as I have experienced and heard was a young and a bit run down shopping and drinking place, so while here I decided to look for a decent place to eat and found Tokyo Tonteki. It’s a franchise but the taste wasn’t bad and the atmosphere was interesting for a yet to be local like me. Read below for more details:

Eatery Overview


Tokyo Tonteki 東京トンテキ

〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, 2−22−10 Takizawa Building 2 Floor:



Tonteki Teishoku: トンテキ定食 1050 Yen

Comes with a generous portion of lettuce that you can add mayo or dressing to and a full Pork Loin steak with garlic chips all on a hot plate. Also comes with a generous portion of rice and miso soup. They also serve some jasmine tea which cleans the taste buds nicely after eating something oily.




As I looked the Pork was already marinated in their special sauce and when you order they heat up the pork in a frying pan while they warm up the skillet. They cook the pork with their special sauce and then add it on to the hot plate skillet. The pork was really soft and juicy and the sauce was like demi-glace sauce but a lot thicker, a little bit sweeter, and a whole bunch of meat flavor goodness.


This miso soup was also interesting. It wasn’t straight up miso but the broth was actually pork. In the miso you have little pork pieces as well. Tasted good.

The atmosphere was interesting as eating by yourself in Tokyo is not that uncommon (at least coming from the US, not many people in the US eat alone when going outside) so I saw a lot of salarymen eating and ordering the usual. I noticed also that I was the only one that was really “looking around” the restaurant while everyone just stared down at their section of the table. As a non-local I definitely felt a difference coming from the US, but at the same time felt like I got to focus on my food more rather than daydreaming. There is this sense of solitude here in Japan about eating in silence and in your private space (might be just my interpretation).

Anyways, if you are looking to tastes some Japanese Western food this place was not too bad.

Safe Travels~

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