The Sweet Spot of Dance

In dance there is something that I’d like to call the “sweet spot”… It’s the moment when the dance routine has fully been ingrained into your body; so much so that you can actually enjoy the dance. If you’ve ever danced at a club or in your own room, think of the complete freedom and […]

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Positivity As A Negative

What’s your strength? Have you ever heard about Strength Finders test before? It’s this alternative to Myers Briggs Personality test where instead of telling you whether you are introverted or extroverted it tells you what your “strengths” are in hopes that you can better use them in whatever career or life path you have. One of […]

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In 2012, I went to Japan in the summer for a short volunteer trip in the North Eastern region called Tohoku to do some volunteer relief work. Before stepping foot there, it was hard for me not to use the words “tsunami”, “earthquake”, or “debris” when I tried to describe the Tohoku region (which literally […]

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Defining Your Look: Before you Start

First Impressions are Temporary Lets face it; clothes, haircut, cologne, all this stuff that you are putting effort in to is really about making the first impressions. But at the end of the day, all those introductions, first dates, and superficial conversations that you strive to get just  with what you wear is temporary. What […]

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