Best Puffer Fish Under $60!

Quick Points: Price: For under $60 you can experience what all the fuss is about Puffer Fish and get a bit of the cultural Japanese experience (usually starting price is around $100) The REAL “Chicken of the Sea”: Puffer Fish tastes like a combination of really tender, juicy chicken thigh with a mixture of soft, delicate white […]

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Bariki Yakitori Shinbashi 馬力

Eating Where the Locals Eat I wanted to go to a local place. Sure, there’s plenty of amazing food to eat here in Tokyo but when you start LIVING here, it’s not always about the food. It’s the atmosphere, the people, the history. Some of you visiting Japan might want to experience this type of local feel but […]

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End of Winter, Peacoats

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring     This post comes a little late given that winter has pretty much ended here in San Diego. So before the weather gets any more warmer here are some last shots from my winter wear Pea Coats Are Essential   When you think of winter I think of Pea Coats. […]

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