I’m Back

I’m back! “Oh, where did you go?” “I didn’t even notice you were gone…” A week ago I came back from a short volunteer trip to Japan. Got to go back to the tsunami and earthquake affected areas and meet some people who still live in Temporary Housing. My team and I got to pass […]

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My Favorite Shirt of All Time

Calvin from “Calvin and Hobbes” has his lucky underpants. Indiana Jones has his hat. And I have this shirt. This is my favorite shirt. It’s a shirt that I stumbled upon on a business trip I went to Japan last year. I had an off day and I went and shopped at Harajuku Tokyo. There was […]

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The Stylish West

Vests used to be in style where you’d wear a collared shirt with it. But these days I’m not really liking that look. For some reason I can’t get this “waiter’ look mentality and I think I’ve seen it too many times at weddings. I tried pairing this vest with a long sleeve shirt and […]

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Shopping Review: JackThreads

A Personal & candid review of shopping at Jackthreads.com Practical Breakdown Jackthreads is a great place to start online shopping if you are looking to spend a $20 – $100 price range  Style of clothes they offer in my opinion range from simple/boring to bold,unique/crazy, “a little too out there” Great website interface that features searching by size, clothing […]

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Baggy Shirts

I went into my closet the other day and pulled out a blue and white plaid shirt I got from H&M. Its one of those impulse buys, where I just looked at the color, knew I liked it, and went ahead and bought it without trying it on. Well, the shirt ended up being a […]

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