Memorial Day

A Great Memorial Day Weekend calls for some Red, White, and Blue colors: I really like this shirt I got from H&M. Its not a messy plaid design but more of a simple one. Tried to balance the plaid out with a solid Cardigan. My friends will tell me never to wear “pattern on pattern”, […]

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Just a Tie

I love ties. Recently I’ve been wearing some Knit Ties which for me give off this casual yet classy look. I got this one while on my travels to Japan. I also tried on this look without the tie and as you can see things look a little more casual here. This is actually a […]

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I found and bought this shirt as I was browsing through Jackthreads and loved the color and pattern. I’m still a little weary of buying clothes from online but I figured “What the heck”. When I got it I loved it! Except one thing… It was a little too long. What I’ve personally found is that […]



In 2012, I went to Japan in the summer for a short volunteer trip in the North Eastern region called Tohoku to do some volunteer relief work. Before stepping foot there, it was hard for me not to use the words “tsunami”, “earthquake”, or “debris” when I tried to describe the Tohoku region (which literally […]

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Outer and Inner

I wore this the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I took part in my church’s Good Friday Service and was personally reflecting on the emotional aspect of Good Friday, yet at the same time I was looking forward to all the joy and celebration of Easter. I felt like I couldn’t fully be […]

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Mr. Brown

Winter’s ends is upon us… And that means only a few more months till we have to put our lovely fall/winter clothes into hibernation 😦 So taking full advantage of this limited window, I wanted to wear something with one of my favorite jackets that I bought from Zara and wear something that looked positive, […]

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The Simple Cardigan T-shirt Combo

The easiest way to up your style… is wearing a cardigan. Hands down my friend! I love cardigans because they are light weight, versitile, and it makes you look “classy” without looking like you are trying too hard (although be careful how you wear it if you don’t like looking a preppy…). When done right, its the perfect […]

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Defining Your Look: Before you Start

First Impressions are Temporary Lets face it; clothes, haircut, cologne, all this stuff that you are putting effort in to is really about making the first impressions. But at the end of the day, all those introductions, first dates, and superficial conversations that you strive to get just  with what you wear is temporary. What […]

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